Nexo Água-Energia no Contexto da Crise Hídrica:

O Caso do “Retrofit NetZERO” do CDT-UnB

Conserva, Cátia; Moraes, Paulo; Silva, Caio; Andrade, Liza


The relationship between energy and water is complex. It includes climate change issues and the acts of human beings on the resources of nature. This paper presents strategies associated with designing of Net Zero Energy and Net Zero Water buildings. The importance of the nexus water-energy is global and we can see it in urban issues as we talk about energy that is necessary for water treatment for example. The purpose of this article is to build a concept about water-energy nexus from the integrated design in Net Zero Installation. On the basis of global problem of water shortages, and energy poverty, we intend to use the water-energy nexus, established by United Nations Water, the UN-Water, that coordinates the actions of United Nations entities on water and sanitations issues, as well as United Nations Energy, the Un-Energy, the interagency mechanism of United Nations about energy. The Nature Based Solutions - NbS method will emphasize uses of water that differs from conventional buildings, searching for protecting resources and energy production early in the design process, facing Paranoa Lake and the CDT building in Brasilia University, Brazil, as case study. One of the main conclusions is that the design of Net Zero Buildings requires concepts that cause fewer impacts to rivers and lakes.